John Ortberg says, “Learning to think, feel, and act like Jesus is at least as demanding as learning to run a marathon or play the piano. We can’t succeed simply by trying hard. We can’t succeed on willpower alone…we need to train wisely.” (The Life You’ve Always Wanted).

Foundations meeting in Vic-Ryn
Foundations meeting in Vic-Ryn
What is ‘Foundations’?

In order to grow and share a faith that is biblical, mature, heartfelt and risk–taking, we need to ensure our foundations are secure. 

In 2013, Foundations began as a way to connect a generation of 20s and 30s, reaffirming God’s call on their lives. In 2021, we brought Foundations back for the same reason.

Foundations is an opportunity for young adults to build community and reconnect with the basics of faith. As a group, we unashamedly seek to teach and challenge each other to develop Christian practices and characteristics that will saturate every part of our lives. 

And, we have pretty great coffee and snacks!