Diocesan Training & Leadership

The diocese is committed to resourcing the local church by training leaders, lay and ordained, and by encouraging every member ministry. We are invested in raising up the next generation of leaders entrusted with taking God’s Church into the future.

Leaders' Day Conference

The diocese has developed a training path that for some will begin in their teens with the SERVE Young Leaders Course.

We encourage individuals to develop their God–given gifts and to serve either locally or in the diocese. Visit our Training section HERE to see the range of opportunities available.

For those already leading in parishes or in pioneer roles the diocese runs training days plus a bi–annual Clergy and Leaders Conference. 

In addition we are invested in resourcing clergy, parishes and Select Vestries so that they are well–equipped to lead all aspects of the life of a typical parish. This includes HR support, and guidance with finances and Charity legislation.

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