Parish Readers

Parish Readers are people of all ages and from all walks of life who have a calling to assist in leading public worship. 

Bible open on lectern
Bible open on lectern

The role usually involves the reading of liturgy, bible readings, prayers and assisting at Holy Communion. Parish Readers may assist in any or all of the ways outlined above and on a regular or occasional basis depending on how they are needed by the Rector. While the role is normally restricted to involvement in public worship it is significant in its support for clergy leading the service.

Parish Readers should undergo a short training course of 6 weeks before being approved to exercise this ministry. They must also have the support of their Rector before applying.

The approval granted for a Reader will normally last for 3 years and cease on the appointment of a new Rector.

There are no plans for a training course in 2023 but the following topics are covered:

  • Introduction – A History of the Office
  • Key factors in Leading Worship
  • Prayer Book 1 – Overview
  • Prayer Book 2 – The Church Year
  • Prayer Book 3 – Service of the Word
  • Prayer Book 4 – Leading Intercessions

There is no cost for the course.