Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

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Craigavon3rd May 2020

Priest–in–Charge: Myrtle Morrison

  • Myrtle is also Chaplain to Craigavon Area Hospital. Please pray for her and for staff in hospitals right across all the disciplines as they adjust to so much change and work in challenging and demanding circumstances.
  • Pray that St Saviour’s online worship would be a blessing and encouragement to people.
  • Pray that the telephone ministry would be helpful and encouraging.
  • Pray that this would be a time when congregations would be proactive in their spiritual journey and learn to spiritually feed themselves.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel in relevant ways with neighbours.

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Donaghcloney & Waringstown10th May 2020

Rector: Bryan Martin, Pastoral Assistant: George Okikiolu

  • Pray that we would be a church that loves and serves one another, 1 Cor. 13:4–7… that we would be patient and kind, rejoicing in the truth of God’s word and always hoping and persevering in the midst of this pandemic. Pray especially for those who feel alone, whether young or old. Pray for the anxious and the grieving.
  • Give thanks for that same word transforming people’s lives. Give thanks that God is adding to the number of people who know Jesus Christ as the Lord, Acts 2:47. Pray for the gospel to go out to the ends of the earth, that we will proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations, (we have had people from Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Jordan, Dubai, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England watch our services). Pray especially for our Christianity Explored Course which began on 27 April and is running until 8 June… pray for gospel fruit.
  • Pray that those who belong to our church would be sacrificial in their generosity, Acts 2:45. In the midst of a lot of church family serving in hospitals, teaching, serving in retail, we pray that we would be willing to give up our time in praying and supporting them and our community. Thank God for those who have delivered food, picked up prescriptions and especially for our Select Vestry who are calling parishioners, praying and reading the Bible with them.
  • Pray for the ongoing work of our children’s and youth work, Ps. 78:5–7. Our prayer is that our children and our young people would grow in their knowledge of Jesus and by God’s grace, they would put their trust in him.

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Dromara & Garvaghy17th May 2020

Rector: Colin Taylor

  • We thank God for the opportunities through social media and connections to churches in the diocese for parishioners to keep in touch, to encourage each other, to share music, poetry, prayer, fun and thoughts with each other and to be spiritually supported and supportive to others at this time.
  • We thank God that the children are having opportunity to learn from material supplied by the diocese and through our Sunday School leader.
  • We thank God for the opportunity to offer to around 100 people at a time; services each Sunday, Bible study each week and some Thoughts for the Day.
  • We thank God for the opportunities taken by parishioners to support others in the church and the community.
  • Pray for all those who have contributed materials and time to make masks and scrubs for the NHS, Care Homes and Carers in the Community.

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Dromore Cathedral24th May 2020

Rector & Dean: Geoff Wilson

  • Please pray for our church family as we develop new ways of being community and responding to community needs as follows:
  • For our new CD ministry, that it would enable those with no access to “live broadcasts” to feel connected and very much part of the church family. Beyond this crisis, we pray that it would continue to be a blessing to those who are housebound or with limited mobility;
  • For those in our community who are feeling the effects of this crisis in a financial way, that their jar of flour would not be used up and their jug of oil would not run dry;
  • For our developing response to those who are in need in our community – that they would know that the church not only recognises need but cares enough to respond where possible;
  • For those who are creatively maintaining contact and a sense of connectedness with the members of the groups they lead: specifically MU, Sunday School, History Reading Group, JOY, SOMA and our seniors;
  • For boldness to speak of God’s goodness to those with whom we have contact and who have huge questions relating to this pandemic;
  • And for all those involved in using their gifts and talents in the production of our broadcast services, that they would continue to remain focussed in their service and united in their purpose.

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Praying for a Spiritual Harvest in the Diocese31st May 2020

Praying for A Spiritual Harvest in the Diocese

  • In this season of Pentecost, we pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in every corner of our diocese.
  • We ask that the same Spirit would soften hearts that have been hardened to the gospel so that many would believe for the first time and that the prodigals would return.
  • May we be emboldened by the Holy Spirit to grasp opportunities for evangelism and acts of mercy and generosity.
  • We pray that our leaders across the diocese would discern what the Spirit is saying in their context and be quick to respond.
  • May we who confess to follow Jesus, daily seek to know and serve him more.

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