Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

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Carrowdore & Millisle4th August 2019

Rector: Colin Davis

  • For refreshment for everyone over the summer months.
  • For our Week of Prayer in early September. Pray that our congregations will take the opportunity to really engage with God through prayer at the beginning of the new season.
  • For the new session of Messy Church and our Drop Ins which begin in the autumn.
  • For the Just 10 series we will begin in September and that God will place in people’s hearts to bring friends, family and neighbours to hear His Word. We pray that people will come to a fresh relationship with Him or come to know Christ as Saviour for the first time.

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Donaghadee11th August 2019

Rector: Ian Gamble

  • For continued growth in our parish.
  • For God’s guidance as we seek to develop our Sunday school and young people’s ministry.
  • We give thanks for the growth in our mid–week healing service.

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Drumbeg18th August 2019

Rector: Willie Nixon

  • Give thanks for the blessings of our recent 24/7 Prayer Weekend and the prayers already answered.
  • For the continued growth of the Church of South India Congregation at Drumbeg Parish.
  • For those we partner with in mission in the Diocese of Northern Uganda and the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa.
  • For our new Café Dock outreach opening in the church hall three mornings a week from September 2019.
  • For the continued growth and regular attendance at our weekly services.

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Bible Week25th August 2019

27–30 August 2018 at 7.45 pm in Shankill Parish Church, Lurgan

  • Please pray for Bishop Harold, our speaker this year, and for the large team of people behind Bible Week.
  • Pray for the refreshment and encouragement of the diocese at the beginning of a busy season in church life.
  • That we would receive what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us as Bishop Harold speaks on four ‘Farewell’ passages from scripture.
  • Pray for good attendance each evening.

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