Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

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Belfast: Ballymacarrett6th November 2022

Rector: John Cunningham

  • Please pray for our ‘Winter Warmer’ project which will run from November to April for those in our community who will struggle this winter.
  • Pray for our Homework Club that we may get more volunteers. 
  • Pray that the Lord may continue to bless our several buildings and those groups who work from them such as The Larder, The Gathering, Youth Initiatives, Salvation Army Christmas Appeal, YWAM, and various arts groups in the work that they do.
  • We also give thanks that our church is being blessed as more of our congregation return post COVID.

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Belfast: Ballynafeigh13th November 2022

Rector: Peter Bourke

  • Give thanks for Life ‘22 our month of mission held in the Spring, where Jesus was proclaimed as the one in whom we find life that lasts. Please pray that it may have equipped us for a lifetime of evangelism.
  • Give thanks and pray for Jason our Children’s and Youth Worker as he serves in our church and community holding out the hope of the gospel.
  • Please pray for our plans to celebrate 150 years of St Jude’s Church in 2023 – that we would be thankful for the past and hopeful for the future. 

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Belfast: Belvoir 20th November 2022

Rector: Adrian McCartney

Please pray for:

Belvoir Parish Admin

  • the Select Vestry as they finalise the budget for 2023, trying to finance a new season of ministry and mission.

Belvoir Parish Ministry (some specific areas that have been re–launched post–Covid)

  • our new youth worker (Olivia) as she establishes 10–14s on Sunday mornings, 11–16s on Sunday evenings, and 14–18s on Tuesday evenings.
  • our young families worker (Catherine) as she builds ministry among children and young families and Kit’s Place for carers and preschoolers.
  • Janice as she develops ministry among GenBP (Generation Bus Pass).
  • for our work with the Belvoir Community Hub.

Belvoir Mission (two partnerships within our city)

  • The Larder community hub – addressing food poverty.
  • All Nations Ministries – supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

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Belfast: Bloomfield27th November 2022

Rector: Ken Higgins

  • Please pray for our new Worship Service starting in November on the first Sunday in Advent. For understanding and patience as we bring two services together and for our worship and music and fellowship to be edifying to us as Christ’s people and be glorifying to God.
  • For our Christmas Services, as we reach out to families connected through our organisations who are not members of any church.
  • Pray for the preparations for our Parish Weekend (April 2023). This is our first weekend away. Please pray for safety, fun, and a coming together of age groups.

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