Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

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Magheralin 2nd August 2020

Rector: Simon Genoe, Curate: Carlton Baxter

  • Pray for our connection project, sending regular mailings and encouragements to 275 elderly, isolated or vulnerable people.
  • For all the young people in our community, especially those who we connect with through our drop-in ministry, Red Door. It has been more of a challenge to keep in contact with them through lockdown.
  • For our daily "Encouragements from the Psalms" which have been fruitful over the lockdown period, our field services, our online ministry and our in-church worship.

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Magherally & Annaclone 9th August 2020

Rector: David Palmer

  • Our confirmation group – please pray for the preparation, part of which has had to be conducted online.
  • Pray for our ongoing heritage grant application.
  • For a new enthusiasm to emerge after the lockdown restrictions – that none will be fearful of attending.
  • A greater use of the newly learned IT skills, buddy/care system and newsletter developed during lockdown.

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Moira16th August 2020

Rector: Joanne Megarrell

  • Please pray for everyone affected by COVID-19 whether physically emotionally or financially, including those who have lost their jobs.
  • Please pray for us to seek God’s ways in all that we do, as a new autumn season begins.
  • Please pray that our services and ministries would enable people to connect with Jesus and live their lives for Him.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would move powerfully across this village of Moira so that men, women and children will come to faith in Christ. Please pray for those who came to faith recently that they would be strengthened and used by God.
  • Pray for ALPHA as it is run in the autumn.
  • Pray that God would bless this community as we seek to reach out.

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Newcastle23rd August 2020

Rector: Ian Ellis

  • Pray with thanks for all who are helping with online worship at this time.
  • For those who are working with and supporting the Pantry Foodbank
  • For the beauty of our natural surroundings.

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Newry30th August 2020

Rector: Scott McDonald

  • Revd Capt Scott McDonald was instituted as incumbent on 27 August. Pray for him as he leads the grouped parishes and also establishes a Church Army Centre of Mission in the city.
  • Give thanks for the ministry of Captain Gary Roberts, the Revd John Scott and many others in the parishes over the last several years.
  • Pray for the congregations as they seek to share worship together and continue to minister in Newry in a fast changing and somewhat confusing period.

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