Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

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Killinchy, Kilmood & Tullynakill5th January 2020

Rector: Stanley Gamble

  • Vision: Please pray that God would give us a fresh vision of his plans and purposes as we begin 2020.
  • Thanksgiving: Give thanks to God for the completion of the new Livingston Centre at Killinchy Parish Church.
  • Intercession: Please ask for God’s healing touch upon those who are ill and in hospital at this time. Please ask for God’s comfort for those who have been bereaved.
  • Blessing: Please ask for God’s blessing to be upon the parish, our nation, and the world as we commence a new decade.
  • Adoration: Please glorify God for his steadfast love and mercy. May we glorify him not just with our lips but also our lives.
  • Confession: May we acknowledge our failings, seek God’s forgiveness, and learn from our mistakes.

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Killyleagh12th January 2020

Rector: Colin Darling

  • Pray that our Christmas celebrations this year will make a difference to the faith journeys and lives of our members.
  • For continued growth in Sunday School numbers and joy in teaching the next generation about Jesus.
  • Pray for encouragement for all who serve willingly behind the scenes and visibly in making the parish function.
  • Give thanks for members of the community who do not belong to our parish yet volunteer in our charity shop and help lead the youth club.
  • Pray that we may worship Jesus not just with our lips, but in our lives, loving as he did.
  • Pray for an openness in all aspects of the faith of our parishioners; that we don’t simply do as we’ve always done but have an eye on how we make belonging to this family of faith easier and more fulfilling for all generations.

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Kilmore and Inch19th January 2020

Rector: Stephen Smyth

  • Give thanks to God for the generosity of support for our Food Bank Ministry which has been running now for five years and meets a very important need in our community.
  • Give thanks to God for our Easter Mission with George Newell of New Wine Ireland which included a Pop–up–Café in the Old Post Office building Kilmore.
  • Give thanks for our Puppet Ministry Team who have had an extremely busy year with a Workshop Programme conducted in all three local primary schools, culminating in a Christmas production of Bethlehem Rhapsody!
  • We thank God for our ministry team of lay readers, evangelist and others who have contributed so willingly to the life of our Parish.
  • We thank God for our Theological Student who has now embarked on the process of ordination training.
  • Give thanks for the completion of several glebe projects, including a new organ, extension to our car parking, glebe cabin and the rebuilding of a major portion of our graveyard wall.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to lead, guide and protect our two churches as we seek to extend his rule in this part of his kingdom.

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Prayers for our new Bishop26th January 2020

Rt Revd David McClay, Bishop of Down & Dromore 

The Bishop was consecrated on Saturday 25 January. We pray for him as he embarks upon his episcopal ministry.

  • Please pray for David’s wife Hilary and their family; daughter Cherith, her husband Ciaran and their daughter Annie; daughter Ruth and her husband Matthew; son Jordan.
  • For David, Hilary and Jordan as they adjust to life in their temporary home before moving to the See House in the autumn of 2020.
  • For David as he listens to God for guidance in planning an episcopal visitation of the whole Diocese.
  • For David’s teaching and evangelism as ministry in the Diocese unfolds.
  • For David’s encouraging, pastoring and equipping of clergy and others in leadership.
  • For the putting in place of fresh structures to strengthen mission and ministry in the Diocese.
  • For the Diocesan staff team as they transition to David’s leadership.
  • For a culture of prayer and dependence on God to mark the commencement of David’s episcopal ministry.
  • For the shaping of Diocesan events in 2020 including a week of Bible teaching and a Diocesan Clergy and Leadership Conference.
  • For David’s leadership to be marked by godliness, courage and missional zeal.
  • For the parishes of Willowfield and St Clements as a new rector is sought for Willowfield.

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