The Generosity Initiative

The diocese has produced a series of four films on the topic of Generosity. ‘The Generosity Initiative’  is designed to help congregations think biblically about the generosity of God and how we should respond.

Video course available on YouTube
Video course available on YouTube

The course is written and delivered by Keith Gardiner, our Fundraising Officer for Church Growth.

“While most people would approve of the concept of generosity, we often find it much more difficult to put it into practice,” says Keith. Over four weeks, we look at the bible together and think through the implications of what it means to live generous lives.” 

The topics covered are: The Generosity of God, Being Generous with Our Time and Talents, Being Generous with Our Money and Our Possessions, and Being Generous with Our Talking and Our Testimony.

Each video is no more than 15 minutes long and could be used either as a sermon series or in a small group context. It is available to use for free on the Down and Dromore YouTube Channel. CLICK HERE or watch below.


If you would like your church to participate in The Generosity Initiative and need some advice, please contact Keith Gardiner, Fundraising Officer for Church Growth.