Area Deanery of Dufferin


  • Saintfield tower

Saintfield Parish Church,
43 Main Street, Saintfield.


Welcome to your family in Saintfield Parish.


There are many things going on but whether you simply want to find out about the organisations, or feel you just want to explore and encounter more of Jesus in your life, this family is here to help you.


Maybe you want to ask about a Wedding or Baptism or maybe your life is hard at this moment in work, school or within the family and you are not sure where it is all going or what to do next? Maybe you just need to chat to someone about who God is and his love for you?


No matter your need, allow this family in Saintfield Parish to serve you. That’s why we are here and how we serve Jesus! Through serving you!  





On the main road between Carryduff/Crossgar, you will come to traffic lights. Turn right into the Main Street. The Church is behind very tall trees on right 2/3 up the street.

Chris Pollock (Vicar)


Sally Milligan Parish Administrator

02897 519653

Sexton: Ian Gordon
02897 510522

Sunday Services

8.30am Holy Communion (Traditional BCP)

Not in July & August 


Sundays at 10.30am
1st: Family Communion (BCP 2)

2nd: S.P.A.C.E.Hall

(Saintfield parish adults children everyone)

3rd: Morning Worship  (BCP 2)           

4th: Service of the Word                 

5th: Sunday Morning Prayer (BCP 1)


Wednesday Holy Communion 10.00am

Not in July & August




Opening Times

Tues – Fri 9.00am – 1.00pm

45 Main Street, Saintfield, BT24 7AB.

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