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Killinchy, Kilmood & Tullynakill

  • Killinchy
  • Kilmood St Mary

Kilmood Parish Church (St.Mary’s)
Killinchy Parish Church
Tullynakill Parish Church (closed)


Christianity has existed in this part of North Down since the 5th century. In early times, there was an active and vibrant Christian community at the ancient site of Nendrum. This community was led by St. Machaoi, a disciple of St. Patrick. 

In the present, the Church of Ireland has two active churches within the area – St. Mary’s Parish Church, Kilmood and Killinchy Parish Church. 

Kilmood Parish Church 

We meet each Sunday at 10am for family worship at St Mary’s Church, Kilmood. We welcome visitors and newcomers alike. We have a very beautiful church which lends itself to wonderful worship. We realise that the Church is the people as well as the building and seek to include all ages in our fellowship community. We have a thriving Sunday School, which meets every Sunday. Our hall is used during weekdays by a playgroup. 

Monday night sees the Music Club meet, a collection of people of all ages and walks of life who have a bit of a ceilli. On the second Tuesday of the month the Mothers’ Union meets (they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 2004, and in spite of that are still young and forward looking!) On a Wednesday night at 8pm, the drama group meets. Two Thursdays in the month, Kilmood Art Club meets to share ideas and create masterpieces. As a relatively young congregation, we have great hopes about the future and new challenges.  

 Killinchy Parish Church 

The present church of Killinchy was opened for worship in 1830. It stands on the site of an earlier medieval church. The worship of Almighty God has gone on here since at least Medieval times, and probably before. Killinchy gives its name to the union of parishes created in 1928 when Kilmood and Tullynakill were added. 

 At Killinchy we seek to be welcoming to visitors and newcomers. We believe that fellowship extends beyond a Sunday morning, and through the week various activities are offered in our modern Church Hall. Monday night there is a dance class. Tuesday night there meets the Brownie and Rainbow Brownie Troops. Wednesday night there is an old time dance, and Thursday night the Bowling Club meets. Tuesday morning the Senior Citizens Club meets, and Thursday morning Mothers and Toddlers meet. In Killinchy we worship God together and we try to stay together in fellowship through our social activities. There is an active and rigorous Sunday School which meets every Sunday during term time. 

Tullynakill Parish Church

There is a special open air service once a year at the ruins of Tullynakill Parish Church. Christians from the local community gather at this ancient site usually on the last Sunday of August to praise God in the beautiful surroundings of Tullynakill.


St Mary’s Church, Kilmood is located in the Hamlet of Kilmood, on the Moss Road from Ballygowan, (about 2 1/2 miles), then onto the Kilmood Church Road. Killinchy Church is located at Church Hill in Killinchy Village

Revd Stanley Gamble (Rector)

Sunday Services

10am: Kilmood Morning Service
(1st and 3rd Sundays: Holy Communion)
11.30am: Killinchy Morning Service
(2nd and 4th Sundays: Holy Communion)

11 Whiterock Road, Killinchy, BT23 6SB.

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