Confirmation is for those who have been baptised and want to publicly ‘confirm’ their faith and receive the laying on of hands by the bishop. 

The laying on of hands
The laying on of hands

It is a very important time for each (usually teenaged) person involved and we aim to support parishes and their candidates as much as possible.

To help with confirmation preparation there is a confirmation handbook available to parishes as well as advice and samples of other resources for delivering the course. We can also work with you to help you deliver a course and perhaps form partnerships with other parishes for confirmations. 

The Confirmation Youth Weekend, in March each year, is a big part of the preparation for many churches as it looks at three areas of discipleship.   

DDYC staff attend all of the confirmation services and can help with planning and the celebration dessert lunch/supper afterwards. We will provide a chocolate fountain and popcorn as well as ‘goody bags’ and a certificate for each candidate. 

Bishop’s confirmation cards are also available free from our office. 

Youth Weekend

The 2020 Confirmation Youth Weekend will be held in Castlewellan Castle from 6–8 March.

This brilliant weekend is for young people from Year 8–13. It’s pumped full of activities like laser tag and canoeing, along with other outdoor adventures and the super ultra–competitive Girls vs Boys Saturday Night Live programme. All in the brilliant setting of Castlewellan Castle!

The main aim however, is to explore some core elements of Christian faith: Jesus, the Bible and prayer through teaching and praise times along with small group discussions and activities. As such it is used by many parishes as part of their confirmation preparation.

Please contact Tim Burns: if you would like more information about confirmation.