Confirmations 2023

A photo record of the candidates that Bishop David confirms in 2023. This year the Bishop is exploring the theme, “How Much More’ and preaching about God’s abundant, life–changing gift of the Holy Spirit from Luke 11: 9–13. Congratulations to each candidate and to the clergy who have prepared them for this important moment on their Christian journey. Thanks also to our Diocesan Youth Officer, Josh Thornbury, who facilitates the confirmation programme.

  • Dromara, 4 June
    Dromara, 4 June
  • Rathfriland, 28 May
    Rathfriland, 28 May
  • Seapatrick Banbridge, 21 May
    Seapatrick Banbridge, 21 May
  • St John’s and St James’ Kilwarlin, 18 May
    St John’s and St James’ Kilwarlin, 18 May
  • St John’s Moira, 14 May
    St John’s Moira, 14 May
  • Willowfield, 7 May
    Willowfield, 7 May
  • Addressing candidates
    Addressing candidates
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