Leadership Day with Stephen Bloomfield

A group of our church plant and pioneer leaders met at the T3 Conference Centre near Lisburn for a session with Stephen Bloomfield. Stephen is General Manager Conduct and Customer Experience at Danske Bank UK. These training days are part of Bishop David’s commitment to raise up, release and the empower Christian leaders within Down and Dromore.

  • Speaker, Stephen Bloomfield
    Speaker, Stephen Bloomfield
  • Matthew Gault, Tullycarnet
    Matthew Gault, Tullycarnet
  • Paul Hawkins, West Winds
    Paul Hawkins, West Winds
  • Louise Ferguson, The Larder
    Louise Ferguson, The Larder
  • Andrew McCaw, Titanic
    Andrew McCaw, Titanic
  • Ross Munro, Titanic
    Ross Munro, Titanic
  • Denise Wilson, Primacy
    Denise Wilson, Primacy
  • Colin Birnie, St Clements and Jim Fleming, Killicomaine
    Colin Birnie, St Clements and Jim Fleming, Killicomaine
  • Andrew Frame, Knocknagoney
    Andrew Frame, Knocknagoney
  • Stephen Bloomfield
    Stephen Bloomfield
  • Bishop David
    Bishop David
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