Great Big Muddy World Trails

Great Big Muddy World trails have been taking place across our diocese. We love how each trail has been different and used the different activities, crafts and science experiments to explain the Creation Story to families, kids, grandparents, aunt, uncles and friends. These photos are from St Donard’s science based trail which took place on Sunday 26 September. It’s going to be a muddy autumn!

  • Planting our seeds with Julie
    Planting our seeds with Julie
  • Seed planting table
    Seed planting table
  • What will grow?
    What will grow?
  • Sun moon and stars
    Sun moon and stars
  • Moving the stars
    Moving the stars
  • Floating and sinking
    Floating and sinking
  • Rain through the clouds
    Rain through the clouds
  • Hey presto!
    Hey presto!
  • Magical drawing with candles
    Magical drawing with candles
  • God creates the animals
    God creates the animals
  • All of creation
    All of creation
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