JAM Day Camps 2021

Our popular J.A.M Camp for children going into P6, P7 and Yr8 became two one–day camps this year. Each camp had all the fun and excitement of a residential camp but crammed into a single very full day at the Kilbroney Centre.

  • Arriving
  • Registration
  • Games
  • Plenty of energy
    Plenty of energy
  • Into the forest
    Into the forest
  • Julie Currie
    Julie Currie
  • Lined up on a log
    Lined up on a log
  • Worship time
    Worship time
  • Leading the singing
    Leading the singing
  • The boys
    The boys
  • Campfire smores
    Campfire smores
  • A little help from a leader
    A little help from a leader
  • Tasty
  • Canoeing coming up
    Canoeing coming up
  • Hop in
    Hop in
  • On the water
    On the water
  • Armful of seaweed
    Armful of seaweed
  • Craft
  • Bird feeders
    Bird feeders
  • Instructions from Julie
    Instructions from Julie
  • Boys get cookin’
    Boys get cookin’
  • I’ve got this
    I’ve got this
  • Tuck in
    Tuck in
  • Team Killough
    Team Killough
  • Bouldering
  • An exercise in trust
    An exercise in trust
  • This is fun
    This is fun
  • On my way down
    On my way down
  • Splash!
  • Confident in the river
    Confident in the river
  • Pier jumping
    Pier jumping
  • With gusto!
    With gusto!
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