Day 3 Clergy and Leaders Conference

The last of our three day conferences for smaller groups of diocesan clergy and leaders held in the Stormont Hotel from 6–8 October 2020.

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson
  • Colin Morris
    Colin Morris
  • Revd Adrian Dorrian
    Revd Adrian Dorrian
  • Revd Ali Calvin
    Revd Ali Calvin
  • Revd Colin Darling
    Revd Colin Darling
  • Revd Julie Bell
    Revd Julie Bell
  • Revd Sam Johnston
    Revd Sam Johnston
  • Revd Clare Kakuru
    Revd Clare Kakuru
  • Revd Sue Bell and Tony Bell
    Revd Sue Bell and Tony Bell
  • Revd Paul McAdam
    Revd Paul McAdam
  • Hilary McClay
    Hilary McClay
  • Canon Bryan Martin and Revd George Okikiolu
    Canon Bryan Martin and Revd George Okikiolu
  • Capt Gary Roberts
    Capt Gary Roberts
  • Revd Rodney Magennis
    Revd Rodney Magennis
  • Revd Pat Mollan
    Revd Pat Mollan
  • Revd Simon Genoe
    Revd Simon Genoe
  • David Charleton
    David Charleton
  • Laurence Bellew
    Laurence Bellew
  • Dean Henry Hull
    Dean Henry Hull
  • Revd Stanley Gamble
    Revd Stanley Gamble
  • Revd Carlton Baxter
    Revd Carlton Baxter
  • Revd Brian Cruise
    Revd Brian Cruise
  • Revd Colin Davis
    Revd Colin Davis
  • Revd Brian Cadden
    Revd Brian Cadden
  • Canon Robert Howard
    Canon Robert Howard
  • Revd Stephen McElhinney
    Revd Stephen McElhinney
  • Canon Raj Sathyaraj
    Canon Raj Sathyaraj
  • Revd Ian Linton
    Revd Ian Linton
  • Revd Colin Taylor
    Revd Colin Taylor
  • Revd Mervyn Jamison
    Revd Mervyn Jamison
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