Day 2 Clergy and Leaders Conference

Second of the three day conferences for smaller groups of diocesan clergy and leaders held in the Stormont Hotel from 6–8 October 2020.

  • Revd Willie Nixon
    Revd Willie Nixon
  • Canon Ronnie Nesbitt
    Canon Ronnie Nesbitt
  • Speaker, Alastair Graham
    Speaker, Alastair Graham
  • Revd Jan Stevenson
    Revd Jan Stevenson
  • Bishop David
    Bishop David
  • Revd Stephen Doherty
    Revd Stephen Doherty
  • Johnny Beare
    Johnny Beare
  • Dean Geoff Wilson
    Dean Geoff Wilson
  • Revd Anna Williams
    Revd Anna Williams
  • Archdeacon Roderic West
    Archdeacon Roderic West
  • Revd Chris Carson
    Revd Chris Carson
  • Canon Gareth Harron
    Canon Gareth Harron
  • Morning Prayer
    Morning Prayer
  • Revd Jonathan Brown
    Revd Jonathan Brown
  • Revd Tim Anderson
    Revd Tim Anderson
  • Revd Jim Cheshire
    Revd Jim Cheshire
  • Speaker, John McGinley
    Speaker, John McGinley
  • Revd Joanne Megarrell
    Revd Joanne Megarrell
  • Rosie Lappin
    Rosie Lappin
  • Getting a breath of fresh air
    Getting a breath of fresh air
  • Ava Jordan Curasi
    Ava Jordan Curasi
  • Revd Alan Peek
    Revd Alan Peek
  • Revd Nigel Parker and Mark Wells
    Revd Nigel Parker and Mark Wells
  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson
  • Revd Noel Gordon
    Revd Noel Gordon
  • Revd Trevor McKeown
    Revd Trevor McKeown
  • Jonny Tate
    Jonny Tate
  • Revds Thomas Murray and Peter Hilton
    Revds Thomas Murray and Peter Hilton
  • Canon Chris Matchett
    Canon Chris Matchett
  • Canon Bryan Follis
    Canon Bryan Follis
  • Roy Lawther
    Roy Lawther
  • Revd Andrew Irwin
    Revd Andrew Irwin
  • Revd Chris Pollock
    Revd Chris Pollock
  • Revd Ken McGrath
    Revd Ken McGrath
  • Revd Catherine Simpson
    Revd Catherine Simpson
  • Canon Simon Doogan
    Canon Simon Doogan
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