Glen Community Church Lockdown Camp–in

When you can’t camp out, camp in! That’s what Glen Community Church did when they realised that their annual camping weekend faced cancellation because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

  • Happy and busy
    Happy and busy
  • My handiwork
    My handiwork
  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty
  • Scary egg
    Scary egg
  • Kids craft
    Kids craft
  • Clouds and rainbowsJPG
    Clouds and rainbowsJPG
  • An ingenious camp fire
    An ingenious camp fire
  • Crafts in the sunshine
    Crafts in the sunshine
  • And music
    And music
  • Garden campers
    Garden campers
  • Everyone gets involved
    Everyone gets involved
  • Indoor tents too
    Indoor tents too
  • Hello from our deckchairs
    Hello from our deckchairs
  • Thats what sheds are for
    Thats what sheds are for
  • Craft in the kitchen
    Craft in the kitchen
  • Brave souls
    Brave souls
  • Julie demonstrates crafts
    Julie demonstrates crafts
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