Angels Among Us

Some of the stunning exhibits displayed in Magheralin Parish Church in December 2019. The event was an exploration of the stories of God’s angels and featured original sculptures from local artists.

  • Peters Angel
    Peters Angel
  • Elijah’s Angel
    Elijah’s Angel
  • Shepherds’ Angel
    Shepherds’ Angel
  • Creation Angel
    Creation Angel
  • Moses’ Angel
    Moses’ Angel
  • Gethsemane Angel
    Gethsemane Angel
  • Jacob’s Ladder Angel
    Jacob’s Ladder Angel
  • Daniel’s Angel
    Daniel’s Angel
  • Hagar’s Angel
    Hagar’s Angel
  • Servant Angel
    Servant Angel
  • Harvest Angel
    Harvest Angel
  • Mary’s Angel
    Mary’s Angel
  • Throne Room Angel
    Throne Room Angel
  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel
  • Invisible Angel
    Invisible Angel
  • Staircase to Heaven
    Staircase to Heaven
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