• 10 July 2024

'Anthem' Youth Worship Week in Holywood Parish

We’re thrilled to share that Holywood Parish is opening up its popular Youth Worship Week to other parishes in Down and Dromore.

From Tuesday 20-Friday 23 August Simon Burrows and other tutors will be helping interested young people to grow in their instrument or voice, and in playing with others in a church worship context. The input will be mostly practical, but they'll also be talking about what sung worship is, why we do it and how we should approach it.

Simon, who is Holywood’s Contemporary Worship Leader says:

“I've run this event for last couple of years in Holywood and it's been a big encouragement for our youth who are now involved regularly in our church worship. We've gone from just having a couple of teens involved in music to ten! I would like to think it has also contributed to growing their faith.

“If we can extend this beyond Holywood Parish and invest in the youth of other churches, then I think that is a very exciting prospect!”

Who’s it for?

Participants should be aged between 11-18yrs and have some experience on their chosen instrument, but not necessarily in a church band context. These generally will include guitar, keys/piano, bass, drums and vocals. We may be able to facilitate other instruments, but these will have to be reviewed on an individual basis.

When: 20-23 August from 10.00am – 1.00pm with lunch provided afterwards.

Cost: Just £10 per person

Simon would recommend coming for all four days but it’s not a requirement.

PARENTS, numbers are quite limited so if you are keen for your young person to get involved sign up quickly using the online form at THIS LINK.