• 31 March 2024

Revd Capt Scott McDonald appointed canon of Dromore Cathedral

The Revd Capt Scott McDonald, rector of St Patrick’s and St Mary’s, Newry, has accepted Bishop’s David’s invitation to become join the chapter of Dromore Cathedral. Scott is also Lead Evangelist in Newry Centre of Mission.

Bishop David said that in appointing Scott he wanted to recognise his ability to bring cross community healing in the city of Newry, the growth of the churches in Newry and his leading the Centre of Mission to the point where a new congregation is being planted.

Scott Said, “It was such a wonderful surprise to be appointed to the Chapter of Dromore Cathedral. I’m very thankful to Bishop David and humbled by his trust in me. I will do my best to serve the Lord, his Church and the Gospel, in this important responsibility.”

Scott became incumbent of the Grouped Parishes of St Patrick and St Mary, Newry, in August 2020. At the same time, he was commissioned as the Lead Evangelist of a new Centre of Mission.

Scott is originally from Cheltenham and prior to moving to Northern Ireland he served as a Church Army Evangelist in Newcastle upon Tyne in a church planting role. He has lived here for nearly thirty years.

After a lengthy period leading the parish of Glencairn, in the Greater Shankill of Belfast, he trained for the ordained ministry of the Church of Ireland and subsequently spent a year as an Intern in Willowfield Parish in East Belfast. 

Before moving to Newry, Scott spent three years as a team vicar in Lecale Area Mission Partnership (LAMP).