• 02 February 2024

Bishop David thanks Solomon Foundation trustees

Bishop David was delighted to welcome the trustees of the Solomon Foundation, Peter Yarr, Gordon Wright and Revd Dr Brian Fletcher, to the diocesan offices on Wednesday 31 January 2024. 

The bishop hosted a small reception to acknowledge and celebrate the crucial contributions that the Foundation has made to support pioneer ministry in Down and Dromore. 

Over the past five years, the Solomon Foundation has awarded £126,000 in grants to support the planting of new churches in the diocese. In addition, the Foundation has financially supported new outreaches in existing diocesan churches and church rejuvenation initiatives. 

To mark the cessation of its activities at the end of 2023, the Solomon Foundation has made a final very generous grant of £30,000 to be disbursed over a 3–year period to support the diocesan church planting programme. Bishop David thanked Peter Yarr, Gordon Wright and Revd Dr Brian Fletcher for their vision and their partnership in sharing the gospel with difficult–to–reach communities in the diocese. 

In one of his parables, Jesus recounts the story of a nobleman who entrusts his money to his servants with the instruction that they are put this money to work until he returns (Luke 19:12–13).  We are so grateful to Peter, Gordon and Brian for so faithfully discharging their responsibility as Trustees of the Solomon Foundation to put God’s money to use to extend God’s Kingdom.