• 23 January 2024

Pioneers Wanted

Do you have a passion for Jesus, a calling to share the gospel and to grow a new community of faith?

The Diocese of Down and Dromore has commenced eleven new outreaches in the last ten years, sharing the gospel with difficult–to–reach communities, making new disciples and establishing new churches.

Each year for the next ten years, we aim to plant a new church in unreached communities in Down and Dromore.

We seek individuals who love Jesus, have a life of personal prayerfulness, a good grounding in the scriptures and experience in ministry who are called to connect with people who are outside the church, introduce them to Jesus and create a new way of gathering as a church that helps them follow Jesus.

If you are interested in exploring a pioneering role in the diocese, please contact Mrs Tracey Taggart (ttaggart@downdromorediocese.org).

The Diocese of Down and Dromore is one of the two largest dioceses within the Church of Ireland with 111 worshipping communities in South and East Belfast, County Down and part of County Armagh.