• 30 November 2023

Another SERVE Class graduates!

We have had a hugely successful SERVE programme this year, with 12 young people from Magherlin, Moira and Holywood graduating at our recent celebration evening in St Savour’s, Dollingstown.

All 12 engaged incredibly well throughout the course, and thanks must go to our leaders and parents for their support and encouragement.

Over the nine weeks we looked together at various aspects of biblical leadership through the lives of characters like Moses, Abraham, David and Jesus. Alongside this, we read a book called ‘Read this First’ by Gary Miller which helps young people explore how to approach the Bible and how get the most out of their engagement with it. The last challenge was to prepare a short talk and everyone did fantastically well.

We hope that on the back of SERVE our young people will begin to serve and lead in different ways – both locally in their own parish and also more widely at a diocesan level. 

Please continue to pray for these young people as they transition into leadership and seek to live out their Christian lives where God has placed them. 

Josh Thornbury
Diocesan Youth Development Officer