• 25 January 2023

Live link with Dean Geoff in Maridi

We warmly invite you to join a livestream from Dromore Cathedral at 6.00pm on Sunday 29 January when Dean Geoff Wilson will be on video link from Maridi Diocese in South Sudan.

Dean Geoff will interview Bishop Moses Zungo and several others he has met on his trip and then the tables will turn as the Cathedral’s Revd Trevor McKeown asks the questions.

Dromore Cathedral has a longstanding relationship with our link diocese and the Dean is spending four weeks of his sabbatical by fully immersing himself into life and ministry there.

Dean Geoff’s visit is giving him a fuller understanding of the context in which our partners are working, and he is gaining valuable experience and interactions as he walks alongside Bishop Moses and the church family there. 

Hearing directly from Dean Geoff and friends in situ will give us a clearer picture of the current realities in Maridi and help us to pray more insightfully.


If you would like to pray for Dean Geoff’s trip please download a prayer card HERE.