• 13 September 2021

Vintage Tea Party in Upper Kilwarlin

On a thankfully pleasant Saturday 4 September, St. John’s Upper Kilwarlin hosted a ‘Vintage Tea Party’ in the rectory grounds in aid of their new parochial hall. 

“It was our first public ‘Fundraising and Fellowship’ event since the beginning of the pandemic,” writes Alan Woods, “and we were very grateful for such a large attendance. We were particularly pleased to welcome many first time visitors to St. John’s. 

“Friends and neighbours kindly provided some vintage vehicles, including a blue 1963 Singer Gazelle, two Spanish Bultaco motorbikes (1961/1977), and three tractors. 

“The oldest tractor was a 1938 Ferguson–Brown (with the winding handle) which is owned by a neighbouring farmer. Interestingly, in 1943 his uncle was cutting hay with it, when its inventor Harry Ferguson was driving past, saw it, and asked permission to drive it for a while, which he then proceeded to do.

“A huge thank you to Noel and Sandra Titterington and the rest of the organising team, as well as all contributors, whose efforts made the day such a success.”