• 15 September 2021

New youth resource introduces life and ministry of Jesus

The dioceses of Down and Dromore and Connor have launched The Jesus Sessions, a new teaching resource for teens based on the life and teaching of Jesus. The material is a joint venture with funding from CIYD.

Throughout its eight sections, the Jesus Sessions introduces the life and ministry of Jesus. It’s designed to be an easy to use, adaptable resource that engages young people to reflect upon and discuss who Jesus is. Each session includes a talk (both core point version and a full script version), discussion questions and potential ways to respond. It also provides suggested games and activities. 

The resource is suitable for use with secondary school young people in a variety of settings, from youth church to youth groups and small groups.

The Jesus Sessions has been developed by Ava Jordan–Curasi (Youth and Children’s Ministry Co–ordinator, Banbridge Parish (Seapatrick), Christina Baillie (Diocesan Youth Officer in Connor) and Tim Burns (Diocesan Youth Officer in Down and Dromore). 

Ava explains the origins of the programme:

“As a youth co–ordinator I was on the hunt for a resource that would go back to the basics. Who is Jesus? What does it look like to be a follower of Christ? What should our response be to Him? If we truly believed everything in the Bible would our lives look different? While there are so many great resources available, I could not find ‘the one!’  Christina, Tim and I began to chat about what I was looking for and the idea for the Jesus Sessions was born.” 

The complete booklet in pdf format may be downloaded free of charge from the ‘Youth’ section of the Down and Dromore website and AT THIS LINK