• 04 June 2021

Leadership Weekend open for bookings

We’re delighted to announce that our Leadership Weekend Residential is open for bookings. Running from 16–18 July at the Kilbroney Centre, it’s for anyone aged 17–21 who wants to explore a biblical vision for leadership. The cost is £40.

There will be great food, time together, a BBQ and a campfire along with plenty of fun and craic. We will also take time to worship together and to learn more about aspects of leadership including:

Leadership Vision: Focusing on Old Testament Leadership and how Jesus modelled leadership.

The Character of Leadership: Exploring what various biblical characters show us about Characteristics of Leadership.

Understanding Yourself: Understanding how self awareness and emotional intelligence is key to leadership.

Leadership Styles: Discussing various leadership styles and how they relate to different personalities and contexts and how this can be seen in biblical examples.

To register please visit: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/157842881307

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