• 18 November 2020

Hillsborough does (very) Muddy Church

On Sunday 15 November, Hillsborough became the first parish in the diocese to host their own Muddy Church Trail. And given the constant rain, it really was muddy church!

Inspired by our Children’s Development Officer, Julie Currie, rector, Canon Bryan Follis, thought Muddy church offered a great opportunity to make use of the beautiful grounds surrounding the church and give focus to God’s creation and the environment. Being outside for the family service also allowed greater numbers to take part than COVID restrictions permitted in the church building.

All those taking part followed 7 stages around the grounds representing the 7 days of creation. At each stage the families made use of QR codes which gave them a challenge to undertake and part of a Bible memory verse to learn. The Youth Pastor, Frank Dillon, and Curate Revd Jonathan Brown worked hard planning and staging the various challenges for the young folk. On reaching the 7th day, a day of rest, everyone received a very welcome cup of hot chocolate and some sweets. Muddy Church finished with a short outdoor act of worship.

Despite the awful weather, 127 parishioners took part and everyone (especially the kids) thoroughly enjoyed it!

About Muddy Church

How you do Muddy Church is really up to you but at its core it’s about connecting with your community – both the people and location – to find the treasures within it. It gathers people of all ages together to enjoy God’s creation and each other’s company.

Find out more and discover lots of great ideas (including Muddy Christingle) at muddychurch.co.uk