• 17 September 2020

Butterflies of Hope are taking off!

Butterflies are arriving in our parishes with their message of hope to the church, community and beyond.

St Mark’s Dundela, St Saviour’s Craigavon, Glen Community Church, St Molua’s and St Finnian’s have already jumped on board and we would love to hear from more of you who are taking part in the competition.

As many of our ministries can connect again with local people face to face, the butterfly provides a wonderful illustration of emerging from a chrysalis to become something beautiful. The message is that the local church continues to share the hope found in Jesus Christ. 

Everyone in our parishes is invited to design and draw a butterfly that will bring a message of hope from our church to the community and beyond. 

There will be prizes for the best church display!

All you need to know about entering, including templates, is in this downloadable PDF.