• 21 May 2020

Sermons and prayers will be on 10 Days Phone Line

Throughout our 10 Day of Prayers from Ascension to Pentecost, the prayer for the day plus each of Bishop David’s messages to the diocese will be available on a dedicated phone line.

Whilst most people will tune in via this website plus our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts, we didn’t want those at home to miss out because they have no access to technology.  

Please share this information with anyone you think would benefit. 

The number (028 9124 9395) is local and the cost to the user will be the same as calling any local number. 

This depends on your phone contract but in many cases will be free as part of an inclusive call package whether on a landline or mobile number.

The message will change each day and is prerecorded. There will be a longish pause before it begins properly so please resist the temptation to hang up!

Find out more about the 10 Days of Prayer in the diocese here.