• 12 February 2020

Canon Jim Sims is honoured

Congratulations to Canon Jim Sims who was recently appointed as an Officer of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. 

The order incorporates the work of St John Ambulance Services in Northern Ireland and Jim has been one of their chaplains for a number of years.

Jim’s name was submitted by Viscount Alan Brookeborough KG who is Knight Commander of the Order to Her Majesty the Queen, Sovereign Head of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

He was invested in Hillsborough Castle and received the insignia of the Order, the Maltese Cross – an eight pointed cross with the gold royal beasts (lion and unicorn)

The Order of St John is a royal order of chivalry first constituted by royal charter from Queen Victoria in 1888. Its work follows the twin mottos of Pro Fide and Pro Utilitate Hominum (for the Faith and in the Service of Humanity).

It is a Christian Order, founded on Christian principles and motivated by Christian ideals. The Order provides first aid, care and support in 42 countries around the world. 

Insignia of the Order
Insignia of the Order