• 09 October 2019

Call for support for petition against abortion legislation

The Church Leaders Group, representing the leaders of the Catholic Church, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, and the Irish Council of Churches, is inviting all members of their respective Churches to consider signing an online petition launched by Baroness Nuala O’Loan to oppose the imposition of abortion legislation on Northern Ireland. 

The petition is open for signatures at this link.

All members, congregations and parishes are encouraged to take time to specifically pray over this coming weekend (12–13 October) to join with many others throughout Northern Ireland, and further afield, praying both for the protection of the unborn in our society and also for women facing difficult and challenging pregnancies along with their families. They are also asked to encourage their local elected representatives to take the steps necessary to restore the Northern Ireland Assembly before Monday, 21 October.

The Church of Ireland has followed the common Anglican position that the termination of a pregnancy should be considered only in cases of strict and undeniable medical necessity, and the Church affirms the need for compassionate, professional and ongoing supportive care for parents and families experiencing difficult pregnancies.

Please consider signing the petition.