• 08 September 2019

Revd Peter Hilton reflects on his deacon year

Between September 2018 and June 2019, I served as a deacon in Hillsborough Parish. I received a very warm welcome and was made to feel at home by the Rector, ministry team and congregation there.

Throughout the course of the year I got the opportunity to gain experience in many aspects of ministry. Hillsborough is a vibrant and growing parish, and part of my remit was to get involved with developing the men’s ministry. Many young families attend the 10.30 worship service. I had opportunity to organise events to engage the men of these families and we got to know each other over the course of the year. The highlight for me was definitely the karting, which on a cold November night brought out the competitive side in many of us!

My intern year in Hillsborough was part–time – alongside it I was in full–time employment for The Leprosy Mission, as well as completing my part–time studies at CITI. As I look ahead to entering into full–time ministry as a Curate, I’m very grateful to Canon Bryan Follis and the congregation for the positive experience of ministry which I’ve enjoyed over the course of my time in Hillsborough.

I am delighted to have the opportunity of taking up the role of Curate Assistant in St Mark’s Newtownards in September. The part–time path to ministry has stretched over 6 years for me, and I’m very excited at reaching this stage – I can’t wait to get started! I’d really appreciate your prayers for myself and my family as we prepare to join the worshipping family at St Mark’s.

Bishop Harold ordained Peter as Presbyter for the curacy of Newtownards, St Mark, on 8 September 2019.