• 20 August 2019

Bible Week 2019 – what you need to know

Do I need to pay? Do I have to worship in the diocese? Where do I park? These practical questions and more answered ahead of the Bible Week which begins on Tuesday 27 August.

  • The Bible Week is completely free so don’t worry about an entrance fee!
  • You don’t need to worship in the Diocese of Down and Dromore or even the Church of Ireland to attend. All are welcome.
  • We start at 7.45 pm sharp so come in good time to get a seat. 
  • The programme should be over by 9.30 pm.


Prayer ministry will be available towards the end of each evening. Please avail of the opportunity to receive prayer for yourself or someone known to you. The Prayer Team are trained, experienced, discreet and considerate. Most importantly, they will themselves have spent time in prayer before the evening begins.


There will be a cup of tea or coffee in the welcome area before evening gets underway.

Listen again

Each evening’s message from Bishop Harold will be available for download from our website the next day. All four messages will remain available until the end of September, after which they will be found in the news archives.


The Book Well will have a stall so you may wish to make a purchase before or after the meeting.

Getting there and parking

Please see the map below for help to find Shankill Church, Lurgan.  

A reminder that there is only on–street parking so come in good time!