Area Deanery of Dufferin


  • Comber St Mary

St Mary, The Square, Comber


Our worship is lively and cheerful in mid–morning, yet quiet and peaceful in the early morning and in the evening, using both modern and traditional forms. A vibrant Sunday School meets initially in church at 11.00am on Sunday morning, then continues in the Parochial Hall beside the church, the children and their parents meeting up again at the conclusion of worship. We have all the Baden Powell organisations for children. Genesis is an exciting youth group that meets in the Hall at the same time as the Evening Service in church. The Mothers’ Union meets monthly.


All roads into Comber lead you to The Square, which is the town centre. St Mary’s Parish Church is on The Square and is the church at the heart of the town! The Square has streets leading from three of its corners. The fourth corner is the entrance to the church grounds. The church tower is a prominent landmark and easily visible from The Square. St Mary’s? You couldn’t and shouldn’t miss it!

Minister in Charge: Revd Sam Johnston

Sunday Services


11.00 am FAMILY SERVICE Children leave after worship for Young Seekers (Sunday School)

PARISH COMMUNION on 1st Sunday of the month. Children leave after opening hymn for Young Seekers (Sunday School) and return for a Blessing at the end of the administration of Holy Communion.

6.30 pm EVENING PRAYER COMPLINE & COMMUNION on 3rd Sunday evening.

WEDNESDAYS Midweek celebration of Holy Communion at 10.00 am.

The Square, Comber, BT23 5DU.

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