Area Deanery of Mourne

Annalong (Kilhorne)

  • Annalong (kilhorne)

Annalong Parish Church,
Kilkeel Road,


Kilhorne Church is an Anglican Evangelical Church which aims to combine faithful Bible teaching with warm Christian fellowship. We welcome all ages to meet with us on Sundays at 11.30am and 6.00pm. Holiday makers are especially welcome (Morning Service in July and August begins at 11.00am). Our meetings are geared towards teaching the Bible in such a way as to point to Christ.


The village of Annalong is located mid–way between Newcastle and Kilkeel in the beautiful kingdom of Mourne. Kilhorne church is found on the shore side of the Kilkeel Road.

Sunday Services

11.30am and 6pm

1st Sunday:

AM – Celebration at the Lord’s Table; based on Book of Common Prayer, Holy Communion 1. 

PM – Service of the Word with praise band.  

2nd Sunday:

AM – Service of the Word.

PM – Fellowship All Together In The Hall; an informal meeting, with a creche and light supper.     

3rd Sunday:

AM – All Age Service. 

PM – Service of the Word. 

4th Sunday:

AM – Service of the Word.

PM – Service of the Word with praise band. 

The Rectory, 173 Kilkeel Road, Annalong, BT34 4TN.

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