Saturday Night Live

SNL is our bi–monthly event for secondary school age youth groups from around the diocese. It features worship, Bible teaching, prayer and food.

Summer SNL
Summer SNL

SNL takes place on a Saturday Night (no surprises there) from 7.30–9.30 pm and the venue moves around the diocese.

One of the thrilling things about the event is that it has grown its own young leadership team who host, lead, pray, play in the SNL band, operate the sound and visuals and set up the venue.

Each year we have a theme and this season we’ll be looking at ‘Being An Apprentice’. 

Dates and venues for 2019–20

5 October 2019 in Ballylesson (Drumbo)

7 December 2019 in Moira Parish

1 February 2020 in Bangor Parish

4 April 2020 in Hope Community Church

6 June 2020 at a venue to be announced

Find out more from our Diocesan Youth Officer, Tim Burns: