The United Diocese of Down And Dromore

Prayer & Worship

Willowfield Church
20th August 2017

Rector: David McClay; Vicar: James Boyd; Curate: Bill Donoghue

For the potential of the newly refurbished Church Halls:

  • That we would use the resource to establish Kingdom seeds in people lives.
  • That we would be faithful stewards of the resource that has been entrusted to us. 

For the new term of activities starting again in September:

  • That we would have wisdom as our regular programmes get up and running after the summer break. 
  • That we would see any potential gaps and enable new ministries to flourish for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

For the Rector and staff team:

  • That we would function as one team with one purpose to nurture and create an environment where faith can grow.
  • That we would lead our volunteers wisely and into place of personal growth.

For our community:

  • That we would continue to hold each home and individual close to our hearts in prayer and outreach.
  • That we would see more breakthrough in the power of the Holy Spirit into the many areas of need in our parish.

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