The United Diocese of Down And Dromore

Prayer & Worship

Banbridge: Seapatrick
11th November 2018

Rector: Roderic West; Curates: Catherine Simpson, Andrew Irwin; NSM: Rory Corbett

  • Give thanks for God’s unconditional love and faithfulness, his mercy and grace, and for the hope and peace people can know through faith in Christ.
  • Please pray for openness and responsiveness to God’s Word, and the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Please pray that, as a Church community and as individuals, we will increasingly live out our mission statement of ‘Growing in God’s Love and Sharing it with Others’ – that we will truly be ‘the Church at the heart of Banbridge and Seapatrick’.
  • Please pray for all who serve as leaders in the Church, that they will be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, encouraging and enthusing others to faithful and committed discipleship.
  • As we look back with remembrance and gratitude at this time, thank God for the liberty and freedom we enjoy because of the sacrifice of others; please pray for all for whom this day is difficult, and that people will use their liberty and freedom wisely and responsibly. 

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