The United Diocese of Down And Dromore


Kilkeel Parish Bridge Association Limited - 'JIMS' Centre

JIMS is a cross-community drop in centre for young people in Kilkeel, run by Kilkeel Parish Bridge Association Limited (KPBAL) with the help of the local community. The project aims to provide a safe and neutral environment where young people from both communities can come together to engage in recreational activities.
Kilkeel has a history of sectarianism and Kilkeel Parish Bridge Association Limited was originally founded in 2000 by concerned members of Christ Church, Kilkeel, to address the rise of anti-social behaviour in the town. Due to overwhelming demand JIMS quickly outgrew their original premises and thereby created a need for somewhere new. Bringing young people together in this neutral environment is a huge step forward for the area.

JIMS is a youth centre devoted to the well-being of the entire youth community of Kilkeel. We desire to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere where young people are encouraged in multiple aspects of their lives: mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.

One of the goals is to assist young people in developing family and Christian values, building self-esteem, and increasing leadership skills. By providing fun and comfortable opportunities to interact as well as neutral venues, JIMS aspires to help bridge the divide between communities. Overall, it intends to be a place for young people to interact and build relationships with their peers as well as with positive role models.

For more information about the programmes, visit the JIMS website.

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