The United Diocese of Down And Dromore


General Synod Board of Education (NI)

General Synod Board of Education (NI)

The Board works in three areas:

  1. Education – advising the church in all matters of educational policy in NI
  2. Child Protection (Safeguarding Trust) – advising parishes and dioceses in all aspects of the church’s child protection policy and administering the process of AccessNI applications
  3. Children’s ministry– in particular contributing to the Building Blocks Conferences organising group.

The Board comprises those bishops whose dioceses include parishes in Northern Ireland; clergy and lay representatives who are elected by the five northern diocesan synods to the General Synod Board (All–Ireland), and co–opted members with educational expertise either in teaching or administration.

Chaired by the Archbishop of Armagh, the Board meets 4 times each year. It is accountable to the General Synod to which it presents an annual report. This is published in the book of annual General Synod Reports, previous issues of which can be consulted at the R. B. Library, Braemor Park, Dublin.


Dr Peter Hamill: (NI Secretary)

Margaret Yarr: (Child Protection Officer)

Claire Geoghegan: (AccessNI Co–ordinator and Office Administrator)