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Albany Diocese, New York State

The Companion Diocese link between Down and Dromore and Albany diocese arose from the friendship that developed between Bishop Harold Miller and the former Bishop of Albany, Daniel Herzog.

At the heart of the link is the wish to seek a deeper relationship with God, renewal in faith and action and mutual encouragement in mission.

The Very Revd Bill Love is the current Bishop of Albany.  He succeeded Bishop Dan Herzog when he retired in 2007.

The two dioceses have very different churchmanship but a shared spirituality. Learning takes place through regular exchange visits of individuals and teams (clergy and laity) and by joint mission action in southern Sudan and northern Argentina.

The exchange visits also involve young people travelling from Albany to Summer Madness in Glenarm and youth from Down and Dromore participating in the Beaver Cross youth camps in Albany.

If you would like to be part of a trip to Albany please email our Albany Link Coordinator, Revd Gerald Macartney at

Read Mark Wells’ account of his first visit to Albany in June 2015.

Today, Albany Diocese numbers 116 missionary outposts, seeking to be healing communities where the Gospel is proclaimed and the risen Jesus is encountered in the Sacraments. The diocese comprises 20,000 square miles of the north east of New York State stretching for 300 miles from the Canadian border in the north to beyond Albany in the south. Albany is a large city on the Hudson river in a diocese which is otherwise mostly rural. Albany is the capital of New York State and the administrative centre of the diocese. Bishop Bill Love and Suffragan David Bena together with 214 priests and deacons minister to more than 125 congregations.

For more information on Albany Diocese please visit their website or the website of Christ the King Spiritual Life Centre.

View some photos of Albany and the Convention here

Watch this video of the 2009 trip from Down and Dromore 

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