2023 Clergy & Leaders Conference Gallery 4

Another gallery of photos from our 2023 clergy and leaders conference in Sligo.

  • Group photo
    Group photo
  • Richard Moy, SOMA
    Richard Moy, SOMA
  • Aliyah and Stewart Quinn
    Aliyah and Stewart Quinn
  • Rory Corbett
    Rory Corbett
  • Susan Heaney
    Susan Heaney
  • Bishop David and Hilary McClay
    Bishop David and Hilary McClay
  • Sam Johnston
    Sam Johnston
  • Billy Fyffe
    Billy Fyffe
  • Luke McCallum
    Luke McCallum
  • Adrian Dorrian
    Adrian Dorrian
  • Ross Wilson
    Ross Wilson
  • Jan Stevenson
    Jan Stevenson
  • Julie Currie
    Julie Currie
  • Simon Genoe
    Simon Genoe
  • Jono Pierce
    Jono Pierce
  • Clive Atkinson
    Clive Atkinson
  • Tracey Taggart
    Tracey Taggart
  • Bishop David celebrates Holy Communion
    Bishop David celebrates Holy Communion
  • Ronnie Nesbitt
    Ronnie Nesbitt
  • Henry Hull
    Henry Hull
  • Colin Darling
    Colin Darling
  • John Quinn
    John Quinn
  • Henry Blair, SOMA Ireland
    Henry Blair, SOMA Ireland
  • Rory Blake Knox
    Rory Blake Knox
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