SNL Christmas Special

1 December 2018

  • Girls from St Dorothea’s
    Girls from St Dorothea’s
  • Group from Tullylish
    Group from Tullylish
  • Part of the group from Shankill Lurgan
    Part of the group from Shankill Lurgan
  • Smile
  • Guys from Moneyreagh Community Church
    Guys from Moneyreagh Community Church
  • Courtney Devitt, leader from Moneyreagh
    Courtney Devitt, leader from Moneyreagh
  • Group from Kilmore
    Group from Kilmore
  • Guys from Moira
    Guys from Moira
  • Hope Community Church
    Hope Community Church
  • Shay from Kilbroney
    Shay from Kilbroney
  • Santa made an appearance
    Santa made an appearance
  • Hosts Charlotte and Jack
    Hosts Charlotte and Jack
  • Games
  • Best Christmas jumper competition
    Best Christmas jumper competition
  • Wrapping competition
    Wrapping competition
  • Against the clock
    Against the clock
  • There’s someone in there!
    There’s someone in there!
  • Its a wrap
    Its a wrap
  • We’re underway
    We’re underway
  • Callum and Matt
    Callum and Matt
  • Band
  • Joel on drums
    Joel on drums
  • Nathan on keys
    Nathan on keys
  • Speaker Stu Armstrong
    Speaker Stu Armstrong
  • A wee quiz
    A wee quiz
  • Charlotte Geddis
    Charlotte Geddis
  • Tim Burns
    Tim Burns
  • Stu
  • Paul O’Neill
    Paul O’Neill
  • Light
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