• 25 September 2023

Personal Evangelism Seminar

We’re delighted that Revd Greg Downes has made space in his schedule for a one–off step–by–step seminar on personal evangelism entitled Don’t just keep the faith, spread it.

Monday 25 September at 7.30pm in Magheralin Parish Church

Many Christians desire to be effective in sharing their faith with others but are often held back by fear, embarrassment or simply not knowing how to do it. In this seminar Greg Downes will give us guidance, inspiration and encouragement from his many years of experience in leading others to faith in Christ.

Who is the evening for?

This FREE evening is open to anyone interested in personal evangelism, whether as part of a church role or just simply with others in the course of their week. 

It starts at 7.30pm in Magheralin Parish Church and will finish around 9.30pm with a 20 minute break in the middle. 

Please sign up via Eventbrite HERE.