• 28 September 2023

FCP Annual Retreat

The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer will hold an Annual Retreat from 28–30 September at the Dromantine Retreat and Conference Centre, near Newry, County Down.

The Retreat begins at approx. 5.30pm on Thursday 28 and concludes after a meal on the final day at approx. 2.00pm. Silence is observed throughout. The person leading the Retreat is known as the WITNESS who this year will be Canon David Ferry from County Londonderry.  He has been a member of F.C.P. for many years.

More information about the F.C.P. is available at www.contemplative–prayer.org.uk.  Enquiries may be sent to Sylvia Armstrong (armstrongsylv@gmail.com), and both enquiries and bookings to Nuala Dudley at: nualadudleydl@gmail.com.