• 02 September 2023

Youth Night with Greg Downes

Immediately after Bible Week, Revd Greg Downes will speak at a Youth Night on Saturday 2 September. We’d love as many youth fellowships as possible to come along to Willowfield Church for worship, prayer, food and Bible teaching. 

Greg will teach on Joseph, continuing the True and Better series that we have been following in Saturday Night Live which looks at Old Testament characters who point us forwards towards Christ.  

About Greg

Revd Greg Downes is the Director of Kingfisher Ministries and the Theologian & Missioner of St Mary’s, Cogges near Oxford. He has had the joy of preaching on all six inhabited continents (but not yet to the penguins of Antarctica). Greg is a gifted and humorous communicator and his talks are an unusual mix of biblical teaching, story, theology, and kingdom testimony.

Join us on Saturday 2 September at 7.45pm in Willowfield Church and if you have any questions about the event please don’t hesitate to email or call Josh:

Email: josh@downanddromore.org 

Mobile: 07842910954