• 28 September 2021

How to Run Evangelism Courses

A Zoom training evening with Revd Jim Fleming who will take us through how to set up and make the best use of these powerful tools for sharing the Gospel.  

Book via Eventbrite here. The event begins at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 28 September.

Jim will cover topics such as:

The benefits and challenges of running evangelism courses

The people and churches that have changed through these courses. Reluctance and fear in running them. The hard work, challenges and prayer involved.

Key considerations in deciding to run a course

Who are you aiming at and why? What is your vision and goal? What course would fit the best? When and where should it take place? Who will help you?  

Recruiting and preparing leaders

Common fears and reluctance, skills needed, experience and faith background, different roles, how to prepare.

Advertising and inviting people to attend

Ways to advertise, prayer, personal invites, church or non–church participants or both?

Common expectations at each session

Expect the unexpected! Set up before arrival. How to welcome. Food and refreshments. Discussion and small group work basics such as silence, awkward questions etc.

Praying with others/leading someone to Christ

What comes after the course?

Revd Jim Fleming is the Evangelist for the Killicomaine Estate in Portadown and has experience of delivering 10 Alpha courses, both in–person and online, as well as various other courses.