• 17 May 2021

Reaching People with (Jesus Parts 1&2)

Two evening training sessions that will teach you simple ways to share the Word of God.

Strengthen your faith / Reach others / Grow the church

We are delighted to welcome the CEO of the Pocket Testament League, David Collum, to share with us a simple and highly effective way of reaching people with the Gospel. This way has been used by thousands of church members to engage with over 25 million people in the past 2 years.

These two short sessions over Zoom will involve:

Part 1: Monday 17 May at 7.30 pm

A biblical and simple way to share the Gospel that anyone can do, 
regardless of your faith journey or own confidence. It’s a way that leans on God’s sovereignty more than our works. 

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Part 2: Tuesday 18 May at 7.30 pm

Encouraging your church and others in sharing God’s Word and 
practical ways on how to do this.

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