• 29 May 2020

10 Days of Prayer: Focus on Government and Civic Leaders

On Day 8 of our 10 Days of Prayer we focus our intercessions on government and civic leaders, praying…

God of our past, God of our future
from whom comes all authority in heaven and on earth,
We pray for Local Councils, for the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Executive,
as well as those who serve elsewhere in government in the UK and Ireland;
By your gracious help may they govern with wisdom and integrity,
and serve the common good; that all may enjoy peace,
and grow in respect for one another.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Adapted from ‘A Prayer for the Northern Ireland Assembly, and the Executive’ (Book of Common Prayer 2018 p.98)

  • For wisdom and discernment for leaders as they seek a safe way forward in the current crisis
  • For protection over those in government
  • For selflessness and the common good, rooted in the sacrificial love, of Christ to be at the heart of decision making in government
  • For Civil Servants and other government advisors as they continue to work in support of elected representatives

Evangelical Alliance has a useful article about praying for our leaders which you can find at this link.