• 12 July 2020

Sligo 20

Sligo 20, New Wine Ireland’s Summer Conference, will take place from 12–17 July.

Planning is well underway with the recent announcement of the Bible speakers: Simon Ponsonby (St Aldates Church) in the Arena and Charles McMullen (West Church Bangor) in Venue 2. 

The Event

Sligo 20 is a key event for the church in Ireland to join together for a week of worship, ministry and teaching. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are from and whatever age you are, Sligo 20 is for you. Whether you come on your own, with your family and friends or with a group from your church there is something for you.

Encountering Gods presence is for everyone! Relevant and fun–filled programmes keep those aged 0–18 happy while the adults can enjoy the main sessions, seminars and workshops throughout the week. Our key values of worship, teaching and ministry are held firmly in all our programmes.

You can fill your day with seminars, teaching or you can take a trip to the beach, get involved in the many community events or enjoy the sights of Sligo. You set the pace for the week.

Sligo 20 provides a space and a place where churches and Christians from all over Ireland, can come together to hear God, so that local churches can be empowered and equipped to change their community and Ireland.

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Find out more from the New Wine Ireland website.