• 05 August 2019

Bishop’s crozier secure for the next incumbent!

Bishop Harold has had some repairs done to the Down and Dromore crozier, 20 plus years after a mishap in Down Cathedral.

He explains:

“One of the things a new bishop has to learn is to carry their crozier in the left hand, leaving the right hand free to give the blessing. They’re not, however, warned about the hazards that await on the floors of churches and cathedrals!

“In those days in Down Cathedral the seats were down the middle, looking towards the front, which meant that you had to process round one of the sides.  So, I was processing down the side and the only way I can put it in Belfast language is that the crozier ‘got stuck in the gratin’. The bottom got stuck in the grating and the top came off! I ended up carrying it in two bits trying to look as though it was one. Ever since, this Crozier has caused problems because the silver was too soft, and the threads eventually wore out.”

Over 22 years later and who should come to the rescue but the former Dean of Connor, The Very Revd Brian Moller. Not only is Brian a ‘fixer’ but he was also Bishop Harold’s Director of Ordinands at the beginning of his ministry in Connor. 

At Bishop Harold’s request, Brian oversaw the repair which involved inserting a specially milled spigot of stainless steel which screws into a new nut and is secured with epoxy glue. 

The joint and the crozier are now perfectly stable and strong such that, in the words of Brian, “You could pull a bus after you”! 

Bishop Harold said, with a twinkle in his eye, “I’m glad to say that when I came into the diocese the crozier was a bit insecure but going out of it, the crozier is perfectly secure and ready for the next person.” 

Even if they want to pull a bus.

Bishop Harold will say ‘Farewell’ to the diocese with four encouragements from scripture at Bible Week 2019, Tuesday 27–Friday 30 August at 7.45 pm in Shankill Parish Church, Lurgan. Click here for more details.