• 15 April 2019

Shankill congregation leaves the building!

On Palm Sunday, Shankill Parish Lurgan took their monthly ONE service (when the two main morning congregations worship together in the parish church) out of the building. This month, being Palm Sunday, created the perfect opportunity to step out of our comfort zone! 

The service began in the church, and after the first part of the sermon, the choir led the congregation out of the main doors. Parishioners then either walked in procession or travelled in minibuses through the town centre to the Jethro Centre in Flush Place. The crowd was led by donkeys Percy and Jake with their owner (and parishioner) Jill Castles. Stopping along the route to pray God’s blessing on the town and surrounding community, the walk was planned as an integral part of Shankill’s Palm Sunday worship.

Commenting on this very different Palm Sunday service, Shankill Rector Revd Mark Harvey said: “It was such a thrill to be part of our Palm Sunday procession from the Parish Church to the Jethro Centre. As I looked back down the crowd I was really moved to see the numbers, the range of ages and the mix of people from our different congregations. It was a very visible expression of unity in our Parish and also a clear witness to our community as we stopped and prayed God’s blessing over the town.”